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                About Us

                        Otsuka Furniture Manufacturing and Sales Co.,Ltd. is the one of the Otsuka Group subsidiaries The Otsuka Group has 63 companies including 20 domcstio companies such as Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.,TAIHO PHARMACEUTICAL, CO., LTD., Otsuka Foods Co., Ltd.Earth Chemical Co.,Ltd.,35 overseas companies and subsidiaries,employing a total of 24,000 people.

                        Group's total sales revenues amounted to 1000billion yen. Otsuka Group is expanding our presence into a wide range of businesses covering pharmaceutical products, healthy drink, food and beverages. chemical raw material, living ware food product, environmental improvcmcnt project, and furniture. We are in charge of manufacturing and sales for furniture.

                        'Create a beautiful and comfortable living environment through our furniture' is our corporate philosophy. We shifted production capacity overseas with locations in China, Thailand and Vietnam, and have Japanese technical instructors resident in every factory to ensure the high quality.

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